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Wednesday 3/31 Ubiquity event: “Mars, Machine Learning, and the Search for Life beyond Earth” with Jill Tarter and Hannah Kerner

You’re invited to this upcoming Ubiquity Ventures public event to celebrate last month’s landing of the Mars Perseverance rover. We will explore how its mission to find signs of ancient life on Mars is accelerated by “software beyond the screen” and machine learning. This event features Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute and Hannah Kerner of the Ubiquity Extended Team.

“Mars and the Search for Life beyond Earth: How machine learning and ‘Software beyond the Screen’ fits in”

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Credit: NASA — https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/mission/overview/

Event Description

We will start with SETI Institute founder Jill Tarter who will speak about her lifelong search for life beyond Earth, the importance of this search, and the evolution of techniques used since her work in this area began over 40 years ago.

Then Ubiquity Extended Team member Hannah Kerner will talk about how “software beyond the screen” is accelerating the search via novelty-guided targeting using machine learning developed for the Mars Perseverance and Curiosity rovers. She will give an overview of how machine learning is currently being used on Mars to flag novel geology in data transmitted to the Terrestrial rover planning team, and, in the future, allow the rover to autonomously detect and acquire follow-up observations of significant targets. These machine learning methods apply deep neural networks and other algorithms to rapidly identify geology-related patterns in images that are novel compared to images previously taken by the rovers.

Agenda for Wednesday 3/31

  • 10:05am PT — “The Search for Life Beyond Earth” — Jill Tarter, Founder of the SETI Institute
  • 10:25am PT — “How the Mars Perseverance and Curiosity rovers can use machine learning to detect the unknown” — Hannah Kerner, Ubiquity Extended Team Member

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