Rocket Lab and Spire announce SPACs to go public: Another win for “software beyond the screen”

With Peter Beck in April 2015 at the Space Symposium as he unveiled to the world Rocket Lab’s rocket and its Rutherford engines with its all-important electric turbopumps (one of these is visible in red).

Rocket Lab and Spire are “software beyond the screen” companies

Yes I did work in consulting at Bain & Company :)

2014: The decision to invest in Rocket Lab

With some of the Rocket Lab team at Space Symposium in 2015. Shaun DeMello, Naomi Altman, Peter Beck, Brad Schneider, and Catherine Moreau-Hammond, and me.
The 2015 world premiere of Peter’s Electron rocket and electric turbopump-driven engine at the Space Symposium. While there were empty seats back in this 2015 press briefing, Rocket Lab’s events are now standing room only.
Bessemer’s David Cowan and I with Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck two years before their first launch.

2015: The decision to invest in Spire (Small software-powered satellites)

What lies ahead

Today is deep validation that “software beyond the screen” is the next phase of technology development. Let’s hope software continues to be more ubiquitous in the real world!



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