Backed by fresh Series A funding from Accel: Josh Benamram, Co-Founder of Databand

Can you sum up what Databand does in just one sentence?

We help data engineers deliver better quality data products.

What is the story behind how you started your company? How did you meet your co-founders? What brought you together?

When did you first get into the technical area of your startup? What drew you to it?

I got into the data world at one of my first jobs in college when I was working at a small shipping logistics company. The company was just beginning to digitize, bringing in better tools for tracking the locations of packages from trucks to warehouses to businesses and consumers. It was just astounding to see the difference in processes as they shifted from paper and pencil to digital. We were able to find more optimal ways of moving packages, opening up thousands of dollars of new revenue opportunities (which was very meaningful for our business) and more accurate tracking of inventory, meaning happier customers.

We think of nerds as people who are obsessed with something (see our blog post on the subject). What are you nerdy about or obsessed with?

Great point! Despite being a lifelong techie, I’m obsessed with nature and natural history. I’m an avid reader of National Geographic (that’s a free shoutout, they are not a sponsor). I grew up reading their magazines and still read a quick article as part of my morning routine.

What’s your advice to budding technical founders who haven’t yet jumped off to launch their new company?



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