Backed by $23 million of fresh capital: Craig Piggott, Founder of Halter

So what does Halter do exactly?

Halter uses AI to understand & train dairy cows. We have a solar-powered collar and mobile app to enable remote shifting of the herd, virtual fencing, heat detection and more. We sometimes call these “cowgorithms”.

What is the story behind how you started your company?

A wonderful blend of engineering, farming & rockets was the catalyst for Halter. I spent my younger years outside in all weather working the 100-hour weeks that farming demands from you; I knew the job inside out and all the problems that came with it. I never once dreamed I’d be running a tech company, I didn’t know what they even were.

When did you first get into the technical areas that define Halter? What drew you to them?

Halter is a very broad company. From researching cow behaviour and AI/ML to Hardware/Production and Software & Field support. I find every part of the technical stack interesting and the blend of engineering school plus growing up on a farm really enabled me to understand all the different technical areas required. How we could push the limits of each of those technical areas to engineer a single elegant solution is the breakthrough behind Halter. Ultimately this is a form of “systems engineering”, something I am massively passionate about and have been since before I even knew it had a name.

We think of nerds as people who are obsessed with something (see our blog post about nerdiness). What are you nerdy about or obsessed with?

Problem-solving. I get a huge kick out of this both in a work sense and a personal sense. In particular, problem-solving that requires hard trade-offs. This draws me to the deepest technical problems but also feeds my love for product management. Designing/engineering an elegant solution to a complex problem is pure rock and roll for me. I love to apply this to everything I do, hiring, culture, etc. At the end of the day, trying to convince a world-class engineer to join your startup is just another problem that you need to engineer a solution for.

What’s your advice to budding technical founders who haven’t yet jumped off to launch their new company?

No one has all the answers & there is no ‘good’ time to start a company. If you’re willing to put the work in, then just do it.



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