Announcing $50+ million for more “Software Beyond the Screen”

  • 50 members of the Ubiquity Extended Team (aka our “nerd crew”) that provide technical input as well as support to existing portfolio companies.
  • Institutional limited partners who share the belief that investing in software beyond the screen can generate a fantastic return.

Ubiquity Ventures Closes $50+ Million Fund 2 to Enable “Software Beyond the Screen” Seed-Stage Companies to Grow and Scale

Latest fund will further empower innovative companies using ubiquitous software to solve real-world physical problems

Software Beyond the Screen: a unique strategy

“Software Beyond the Screen” startups solve real-world physical problems by utilizing smart hardware or machine learning to provide their enterprise customers with solutions that are more effective, easier to adopt, and offer more rapid payback. Now that software can run anywhere — from training self-driving cars with synthetic data (Parallel Domain) to powering the rise of kiosks and smart dedicated devices (Esper) — software’s advantages of rich analytics and over-the-air updates are being used to tune and improve the real physical world. Not only does this ubiquitous approach create a myriad of opportunities for software to impact and accelerate more of our world, but it also creates massive economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and VCs.

  • Warehouses and manufacturing (with ThruWave to see inside closed boxes or Elementary’s cameras to monitor manufacturing defects)
  • Weather (with Windborne’s smart weather balloons)
  • Space (with Loft Orbital’s AWS-like services for taking payloads to space)
  • Hospitals (with Diligent Robotics autonomous robots)

About Ubiquity Ventures

Ubiquity Ventures is a seed-stage institutional venture capital firm that invests in “software beyond the screen” startups. This includes companies using smart hardware and machine intelligence to move real world physical problems into the domain of software where they can be solved much more effectively. Leveraging a decade of institutional venture capital experience, Sunil Nagaraj leads Ubiquity Ventures along with an extended team of 50 experts with a range of technical and marketing expertise. See more details on the Ubiquity Ventures website at



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Ubiquity Ventures

Ubiquity Ventures

Ubiquity Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on “software beyond the screen” — turning real world physical problems into software problems.